Deadly Sin

banner-dsCassandra Farbanks #6

Roses are red. Violets are blue. You won’t escape when I come for you.

These were the words left by her stalker months ago, but with nothing since Cassandra starts to believe he’s given up. She should have known better.

He returns on the heels of some strange murders where each victim has fallen at the hands of a deadly sin. With seven ways to go, each of them fatal – it isn’t wise to let this murderer get any closer to her than he already is.

Can she ignore the enticing way he offers answers to all her questions? How does he know so much about her and will finding out be worth the price?

Praise for Deadly Sin

five stars –  I was suffering far more with anticipation for Deadly Sin than I was for the final Sookie Stackhouse Novel…This is yet another joyful welcome edition to the series – G E Rutland, Amazon.

four stars – (Cassandra) seems to be one step closer to knowing herself, which makes me hopeful that the next installment will be on not to be missed – Lototy, Coffee Time Romance

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