Silent Doll


Cassandra Farbanks #5

Speak No Evil…

New Powers. New Ambitions. New Cassandra.

Trying to find yourself is hard when you have no idea where to start, a vampire ex who wants you back, and fences to mend. Unravelling dark magic to prevent another girl from losing her heart – quite literally – to a killer might be just the distraction Cassandra needs.

However, things are far from simple when Cassandra meets living doll Trinket, desperate for help but under a compulsion to stay silent. Can Cassandra put all the pieces of this puzzle together in time to save herself from becoming a victim?


Praise for Silent Doll

five stars – This is a great series and just keeps on getting better – Roxanne, Goodreads

five stars – Questions are asked but few answered, along with danger and horrors, making the reader only more eager for the next book – G E Rutland, Amazon

four stars – The story moves very, very quickly, and the characters are sassy, quirky, and all too easy to fall in love with. – Hitherandthee, Night Owl Paranormal

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