Intimate Invasions


Erik is a Tigarian. His people came to the blue planet five generations before his birth and took over. The native inhabitants are forced to live wild in the forests and Tigarian men hunt them to sell into slavery. Asia is a wild woman. When Erik meets her, he is injured and abandoned by his comrades. She cares for him and the two begin to fall in love with Erik promising to help her find her siblings and free them. When he is rescued, Asia is captured and Erik must buy her in order to continue their promise. Now Erik must get her and her siblings out of the citadel and to safety before it could be the end of all of them.

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Praise for Intimate Invasions

five stars – I literally hung on every word, the book was well written and exciting to read. I was VERY surprised at the lovemaking scenes. They were not pornographic in any sense of the word, but were thought out and described well enough to actually arouse more than my curiosities. In terms of short stories, I was definitely not disappointed. The book itself is 10 chapters long. I read it in three hours over three days time. I would love to see a sequel, but I do not think the brilliant author left room for more of Asia and Eriks’ adventures. ~Britany Townsend, Reader


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