kris_clockwatcher1_200x300_dpi72Clockwatcher Book #1

Kris Swanson calls herself a Clockwatcher. Her unusual curse to see the time that those around her have left on earth drives her to avoid the living.

When the death of a business man brings Logan Matthews into her life, with him comes a dark plot and attraction she can’t ignore.

Someone is racing reapers to the souls of the newly dead but who and why? The more Kris investigates, the more she feels that some greater purpose is about to be revealed.

Praise for Kris

five stars– I really enjoyed this one, plenty of action, great characters, a wonderful heroine, and a unique ending that promised more to come ~ Rose Montague (Author of the Three J’amigos Series)

five starsSonnet O’Dell does a fantastic job with this fast-paced story that will keep you guessing until the end. With a supernatural CSI feel, demons, reapers, mystery, danger, and a bit of romance, Kris will be a book you won’t be able to put down! Miranda Brock (Author of The Keepers Way Series)

five stars– This book has a little bit of everything: forensic science, magic, Valkyries, demons, folklore, and fantasy. The author manages to intertwine all these genres effortlessly into an outstanding read.

five stars– If you’re looking for something to read that has well-developed characters who get completely under your skin, a twisting plot and several genres mixed together, look no further. Kris is for you. Highly recommended and definitely entertaining ~ D. Thomas Jerlo (Author of The Tears of San’Ferath)

five stars– Bloody Amazing! Read the book in a day cause I couldn’t put it down! Great storyline and characters. Going to recommend to everyone! Can’t wait for the next one! ~ Olivia Clare Cooper (Amazon)

five stars – Loved it and i am eagerly waiting and wanting more in this series ~ Jon Robert (Amazon)

five stars –  Wow, this story opens with a bang … a sort of slam, bam, and thank you ma’am sort of bang that grabs your attention at the start and keeps a hold of it as you progress through. The story is full of action, interesting characters, a unique take on the lore surrounding valkerie, demons, and angels, and an interesting plot full of things you so did not see coming. Kris was an awesome character, I would have liked to learn more about what she thought concerning who she was, but I am hopeful that will be taken care of in later books. I loved Logan, at first it seems like he would be the proverbial bad-boy half-demon, but he was actually hiding a good-boy under his sexiness aura and had a personality and sense of humor that is easy to like. In regards to the ending I will just say WOW. I was not expecting that ending at all and that epilogue? I cannot wait to read the next book to see what happens with Logan and the detective who has that unrequited crush on Kris. ~ Llaph (Coffee Time Romance & More)

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