Magically Mated

magicallymatedSequel to Mistakenly Mated

Msgically Mated

With his ex-girlfriend happily mated to one of her own kind, Dick escapes from Georgia to England. He hopes that staying with his friend Bethany will help with his recent heartbreak. However the minute he meets her, there is an instant attraction he can’t resist.

When her father is murdered, a hunt begins for his grimoire – a book containing his darkest spells. Magic that in the wrong hands could be devastating to Dick and Bethany’s budding relationship. That is if her secrets don’t tear them apart first.

Praise for Magically Mated

four stars – I have to say I enjoyed this story as much as the previous novel Mistakenly Mated. Unlike mistakenly mated this novel was self-published and it shows a little in the editing but it does not impact on the pleasure of reading this story, with it’s likeable characters and very steamy scenes of lust that are sure to raise eyebrows and pulses of its readers. I would recommend this book to anyone that read Mistakenly Mated or Whispers in a Dead Man’s Ear both by the same author with a love for a mixture of mystery and raw passion. ~ Russell Henderson (Goodreads)

five stars  –  I have read the first book of this series a long time ago and suddenly came upon this book. I was so happy to read another story that connects to “Mistakenly mated.” Love that it continued with Dick, Kerry’s ex. This was a great story, it has many twists and introduce very interesting characters. I hope to read more book for series.~ Sk (

four stars  – While I did enjoy the story I have to admit that I don’t typically enjoy stories with a succubus since it allows the author to insert meaningless sex with little or no romantic effort.

The story itself was good, a couple of unexpected twists made it even better. The characters were kept to a minimum which was almost a requirement for a story of about 100 pages.

While the plot unfolded it seemed the time was taken up with sexual activity at any possible time (see sentence #1) but there is a decent story here in spite of it all and I did enjoy it. I do always enjoy a plot of “everything is not as it seems” and so you have to pay attention to things.

All things weighed I gave it 4 Stars since I enjoyed the story itself (less than the actual couple sadly) and the ending was good, we could have had a little more detail on a couple of things but nothing major. So at the end I was happy with the story and the ending so 4 Stars it is. Enjoy …~ Douglas C Meeks (

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