Paranormal Pleasures Omnibus

Triton Rising

Anna, a half mermaid, has two rules. Don’t sleep with anyone you work with and stay out of the ocean. Rules that get thrown out the window when she meets her first full blooded merman. Meeting Karsh brings trouble right to her doorstep.


Mistakenly Mated

Kerry and Caleb were never meant to be. Werewolf law should have kept them apart but one mistake will bind them together for ever. The only way out, is death and someone is gunning for Kerry. Can Caleb keep her safe? and will she let him?


Magically Mated

Dick ran to England to escape heartbreak but found himself falling into the arms of his beautiful friend Bethany. Bethany has a secret, one that could tear them apart. Dick must decide whether he’d rather lose his heart or lose Bethany forever.

One Knight

Brand New & Exclusive to this collection

Halloween Night. Dayna, Kylie and their friends try to enact an urban legend, to contact a secret society of supernatural men to for fill their every fantasy. It was just meant to be a laugh. However, as each one of them is visited for a single night by their own hot hunk, they learn to be careful what you wish for.

Whispers in a Dead Man’s Ear

Kale has survived for a century, counseling the undead through their problems but it’s humans that are the real mystery. One human in particular. Pamela. His alluring patient has secrets as well as a body that is driving him mad. Can he break down her walls before the past catches up to them?

Praise for Paranormal Pleasures

Coming Soon


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