The Demon’s Bayou


Ariana’s father sent her to Barton, Louisiana to keep her out of trouble. She arrives to find it deserted after something monstrous has swept through the sleepy little town. Meeting only two others, a scarred preacher and a handsome New Orleans refugee, they must survive to save the world from a terrible evil.

As the story unfolds from the perspective of each survivor, will the truth be revealed in time to save the planet from the same fate?

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Praise for The Demon’s Bayou

five starsRight from the beginning of this book, I got a sense of her [Ariana’s] strength, intelligence, innovativeness, and bravery. And let’s not forget the Egyptian pendant she wears around her neck that had once belonged to her mother. The reader is immediately immersed in a sense of dread, darkness and danger... I would recommend this book to anyone who likes young adult dark magic, demons, and the coming together of two characters who are way outside each other’s comfort zones. The host of characters are unique, interesting and well defined. Dawne Dominque (Goodreads) read full review here

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